An innovative luxury group which dares to be different.

We make an impact on the luxury industry by opening up the gap between micro-brands and luxury groups, combining the strongest advantages of both. We buy, develop and grow micro luxury brands by providing them with expertise and best practises inside the group.

About the group

Because Microbrands are small, they are by definition flexible which gives access to creativity and innovation. The potential growth in percentage % is much bigger than the big brands. Combining all the smaller brands results to a luxury group with a growth percentage beating all the competition.

Micro Luxury Group looks to work with luxury brands in the luxury industry in general. We currently divide this into 3 categories:

Watches & Jewellery


Perfumes and cosmetica


What is a microbrand?
We define a microbrand as a company selling consumer products which has <5 employees and has a yearly revenue below 1 million CHF.
Microbrands have proven themselves already in the CPG market. In the recent years “97% of growth came from a longtail of smaller players.” (Bergendorff, 2019). “Microbrands have a different DNA. With technology as their native language, they’re bred online and born to move fast.” (Tagrin, 2018)

For authenticity lovers, Eza Watches manufacturs mechanical watches in Germany and sharing them all over the world with a person to person connection. The watches are made for today with respect for the past.

Henzi and Pfaff were two watchmakers who made timepieces under the name Hercules in Germany. In 1953, the famous alpinist Hermann Buhl was the first one who climbed to the top of the Nanga Parbar mountain and made it back alive. With a Hercules watch on his wrist.

D.F. is a place where people fall in love with hand crafted Italian clothing. The brand offers the highest quality products from the factory, straight to you. Delivering a piece of Italian craftsmanship to your doorstep!

We plan to add new brands in the future.


From time to time we look for investors to collaborate on our adventures. Because we successfully started and run micro brands before we consider investments relatively low risk.

When you are interested in a collaboration, please send us a message on the contact page and we can share more details.


Please contact us below if you have any questions.